Rinehart for Office
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Steven Rinehart


Great at it is, our legislature sometimes fails to adhere to conservative principles. Although Utah has a conservative voting record in national races, we have some remarkably liberal laws at the state level. Many out-of-state businesses are reluctant to relocate to Utah due to its fifth highest tax burden in the country. Property taxes are on the rise, and Utah has the softest liberal illegal alien laws in the country.  Utah has recently enacted hate crimes bills at the behedst of the homosexual lobby, established global warming pacts with California, and wasted billion dollar surplus. The only distinction between Republicans and Democrats is the set of conservative principles that we claim to cherish. It has never been more important for us to vote for Republicans who believe in those principles which anchor our party, rather than candidates who have proven they are nice people, but who vote with the Democrats 50% of the time. Please visit my homepage for more information.

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